Pubcon 16 [Ft. Lauderdale] Top 10 Takeaways – What You Need To Know to Win the Internet

Pubcon 16 [Ft. Lauderdale] Top 10 Takeaways – What You Need To Know to Win the Internet


Pubcon 16 [Ft. Lauderdale] Top 10 Takeaways

What You Need To Know to Win the Internet

Our team had the pleasure of going to Pubcon 2016 in Fort Lauderdale. We love when conferences come to South Florida! Keep them coming!
If you haven’t gone to Pubcon before we highly recommend it! Forbes calls it a “must attend” and we can’t agree more. The conference features industry leaders, digital experts and entrepreneurs as speakers.
It’s one of those events that focus more on content than fluff. It’s not an event where you necessarily go to network, but I’m sure plenty of that was happening too. It’s an even event where you go to keep up with trends.
Here Are Our Top Ten Takeaways From Pubcon:

  1. Create Lists

People like to read lists, so when thinking about content creation, think of doing a “top ten” list, similar to this one! Lists are easier to read and catch the eye. So by using a list-type of format to get your message across, you will be more likely to capture and retain your audience’s attention throughout the entire piece.

  1. Social is the New Customer Service Platform
    That’s right, social media is now the place that customers will go to for customer service issues, questions, etc. Be sure to have dedicated people on the team that will monitor and respond to any social mentions of your brand, whether they are positive or negative. If they are negative, respond publicly, but try to take the conversation off the social media platform and have a more private conversation with the customer offline.


  1. Social Media is ALWAYS Evolving

Just a few short weeks ago, while sitting at Pubcon, we were told to take advantage of Instagram, as it’s the only social media platform left that still has organic reach. Now, we have recently been informed that even Instagram will be changing. Instagram rolled out an update to users’ feeds pulling up images based on an algorithm that studies what members like. In order to ensure that your content will be shown to your audience, you will have to start using Instagram ads. This is only one example of how social media is always evolving. We will have to constantly research and stay on top of trends to ensure our social media strategy is successful.

  1. Storytelling Through Videos is The New Black

Videos are continuously on the rise via social media, so take advantage of it! But don’t create a video “selling” your services, create a video that tells a story or provides useful information to your audience. Storytelling using emotion and humor is the best way to get your audience to engage with your video. Think about why people “share” content on social media. They either identify with the story, it causes an emotion, or it provides information. Tell a story, provide information, create a conversation and THEN sell your services.
Video sharing tips:

  • Remember that most videos will be watched on a mobile device, so be sure to test the quality of the image once you are ready to share.
  • Find a need and a solution. Example: Tasty videos.
  • Upload your video straight through Facebook, it will perform 10 times better than sharing a Youtube link, as Facebook heavily caters to videos uploaded natively to their own platform.
  • The shorter the video, the better. Shorter videos have proven to have more impressions, are watched longer and have a much further drop-off point than longer videos.

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  1. Facebook Groups Are Back

While they used to be a thing of the past, Facebook groups have made a comeback.  Facebook groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like coworkers, teammates, family, classmates, etc. Creating a community feel, Facebook groups are dedicated spaces where you can share updates, photos, ask questions and message other group members. They can provide support, information and help members stay educated or up to date. Providing incredible organic reach, Facebook groups are the way to go if you want to ensure that certain people see your content. The privacy of a Facebook group can be managed to create a public forum, a private forum or even a secret forum.

  1. Quick Tips For Each Social Platform:

Watermark your pictures with your logo or user name.
Mayfair, inkwell and amaro filters tend to get the most “likes.”
Watch your customer response time badge and aim for a high score (this means responding to customer messages ASAP).
Make sure the images on your blog and website are pin-able.
Use Followerwonk to see who follows similar brands and target them in your Twitter ads.
In order to stay top of mind with your connections and be memorable, update your profile regularly to appear in their feed. @jabezlebret
Hire a famous influencer with a large following and have them “take-over” your snapchat for a day or during an event.

  1. SEO is: Indexability, Clickability, Relevance and Authority

How relevant and authoritative are your pages? Your pages gain authority via links and anchor text. Relevancy is obtained based on how well those links and anchor text match the content you are providing. Another thing that many tend to forget is how important it is to have a relevant meta description. Be sure to add the company name in your description, since it’s something you already rank for use it to your advantage.  When creating your meta description, aim for no more than 120 characters. Make sure to blend keywords that appear on the page and do your best to add a call to action.
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  1. Is Content Still King?

The question should really be: if someone is searching for your product, are you answering to all of his or her possible needs? The goal is to have content that will fulfill conscious and unconscious needs and answer questions with additional information that will add value.
The trick is to go after the early adopters and the innovators; they are (or should be) your target market. This is due to the fact that they might be willing to read what you are producing which also raises the chances of them sharing your content. Make sure to use natural language in your content. As Seth Godin has been known to say, be remarkable – produce content that people will want to talk about.
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  1. Some Areas Undergoing Major Changes:

Mobile and apps are just two areas of significant change. Did you know that voice searches doubled from 2014 to 2015? That is a 100% increase in just one year!
And you are in for trouble if your website is not responsive and does not render well on mobile. Non-mobile friendly pages lost 46.6% of their traffic. WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter and The Guardian work with AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which has no forms, or Java Script, the limited HTML pre-renders content through the use of a plug-in. Three quarters of Internet enabled devices are not your typical smartphone and desktop, which means that (RWD) responsive web design is no longer an option, it is a necessity.
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  1. How to Use Promoted Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest promoted pins can help you drive referral traffic and increase sales. Promoted pins are designed to increase visibility to a targeted audience. Promoted pins are searchable, so you can add keywords to connect with users who are looking for content like yours. You’re paying to have your pins placed where users are most likely to interact with them. Bonus: You only pay for one repin. Once that pinner pins your pin to their board, their friends may repin your pin and you don’t pay for the latter. Did you pin that, we mean, did you follow that? Pro tip: Be sure to add tracking to your pin. To do this, edit your pin and add your tracking parameters.
SEO bonus: Pinterest is a great SEO system in the social media community, being that it provides links that Google can scan.
Kate Parent| Social Media Coordinator
Melissa Ramirez | Content Marketing Strategist